Effectiveness Of Diversity Intervention Or Their Results

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“Part of the problem is there is little published research assessing the effectiveness of diversity intervention or their results” (Kulik & Roberson, 2008). In my opinion, a workforce diversity initiative might involve many things such as, motivation to interact with each other on the job, ways to relieve stress on the job, and culture shock in the workplace. Resourcefulness comes from originality like being diverse in creating new ways to enhance old ones to combined change. Perhaps, leadership and diversity might help blend the workplace to meet all cultural groups’ principles and beliefs on the job; it is just a matter of more social interaction with each other outside what a person is used to doing or knowing, besides
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Stereotyping is consisted a learned behavior of what we were taught to believe in without having knowledgeable facts. “Prior research has shown that trait concepts and stereotypes become active automatically in the presence of relevant behavior or stereotyped-group features. Experiments showed that participants whose concept of rudeness was well informed interrupted the experimenter more quickly and frequently than did participants informed with polite-related stimuli. Next, participants for whom an elderly stereotype was aware walked more slowly down the hallway when leaving the experiment than did control participants, consistent with the content of that stereotype. Finally, participants for whom the African American stereotype informed subliminally reacted with more hostility to a vexatious request of the transformer. Implications of this automatic behavior priming effect for self-fulfilling prophecies are discussed, as is whether social behavior is necessarily mediated by conscious choice processes” (Bargh, Chen & Burrows, 1996). Leadership and diversity is an important matter concerning cultural and age relationships too, because most people have been brought up to stereotype without having their facts correct. To say someone’s too old to perform a task is just a matter of speech and maybe even proves that a person’s mentality on social interaction skills are lacking. This holds true for people of different cultures that come
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