Effectiveness Of Drug Treatment Courts

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The Effectiveness of Drug Treatment Courts: An Overview of Three Empirical Studies
Tincen Vithayathil
University of Baltimore

The Effectiveness of Drug Treatment Courts: Three Empirical Studies Since the origination of drug treatment courts, there has been countless numbers of offenders who have successfully completed the program and fought their way past drug abuse. There are also a handful of offenders who may have struggled to change their drug abuse or addiction, and fell short of completing the program. In this second part of my report, I will be determining whether drug treatment court programs actually work. To accomplish this task, I will be reviewing three empirical studies to evaluate how effective the program truly is. The first empirical study that I will be reviewing is the Orange County Juvenile Drug Court (OCJDC) located in Orange County, California between 1999 and 2006 (Fradella, Fischer, Kleinpeter, & Koob, 2009). This study consists of 232 teenagers (164 males and 68 females) with the age of these individuals ranging between 12 and 17 years (Fradella et al., 2009). In this study, researchers attempt to understand why Latino teenagers were graduating from drug treatment court (DTC) at a much lower rate than rest of the teenagers at the same institution (Fradella et al., 2009). In the Orange County Juvenile Drug Court, 97% of the offenders are Latino or Caucasian (Fradella et al., 2009). However, Latinos were graduating at a rate of…
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