Effectiveness Of Early Interventions For Children With Developmental Disabilities

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The Effectiveness of Early Interventions to Improve Independence in Children with Developmental Disabilities Introduction The purpose of this writing is to explore the effectiveness of interventions to improve independence in children with developmental disabilities. To address this topic, the first section of the paper will include a background of the history of interventions used to improve children’s abilities to live a more independent life living with a developmental disability. Next will be the topic section which will address the Diagnostic Criteria for a developmental disability as well as health consequences, demographics, prevention Background The purpose of this section is to discuss the background of the research on…show more content…
Therefore, schools tend to put children with disabilities in the same classroom and have them learn the same material at the same pace. That resulted in children with disabilities to not succeed. A supreme court decision was made that all schools must provide private one on one schooling to such children with disabilities. Since 1975, great strides have been made in improving educational opportunities. The great strides can be attributed to the Education for All Handicapped Children Act which is now called Individuals with Disabilities Act. According to the Journal of Early Intervention lack of social skills has an impact on children with disabilities. Social interactions help develop any child’s personable skills and helps them establish who they are. Embedded peer modeling has shown to increase children with autisms ability to interact with peers. Children with autism have difficulty developing positive peer relationships (DiSalvo & Oswald, 2002; Mconnell, 2002; Strain & Hoyson, 2000). Examples of developmental disabilities are Autism spectrum disorder, behavior disorders, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome and intellectual disabilities. Topic Section Early interventions such training programs that teach parents strategies on how to work with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have been proven to be extremely affective in developing

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