Effectiveness Of Effective Interpersonal Communication

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The most successful law enforcement officers are those that are able to find solutions and yet uphold enforcement without resorting to other use of force methods as most fights can be won with the right and positive attitude. Therefore, it is essential that the use of effective interpersonal communication is the numer one compliance tool and resource for law enforcement officers.
According to a survey, law enforcement officers spend 80 percent of the time using their interpersonal communications, whether its verbal, face-to -face, on the two way radio, writing reports, notebooks, computers, etc. It can be basically categorized into communicating within the law enforcement environment and communication within the community. Interpersonal
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The skill Helps in stemming heavy handed police work, lower complaints, lower crime rates and building good rapport with the community. Law enforcement officers in most instances are the first point of contact on behalf of the Canadian justice system, and the encounter determines a persons perception in general on how good or bad, reflecting on this experience of first impression. The following are a number of factors that construct to achieve success: basic rules of etiquette like clarity of speech, politeness, staying calm and focused; which all help in the process of verbal communication. In order to ensure verbal or spoken messages are received as intended, law enforcement officers need to be specific and aware of the steps in opening communication, reinforcement ( the use of encouraging words alongside non-verbal gestures and maintaining eye contact, are most like to provide openness in others). The issues of diversity comes in relation to understanding cultural or religious norms and behavour in order to create connection and comfort within various different community members. To change how law enforcement is perceived by other ethnic or religious outer parts. Law enforcement officers also face the challenge of effective listening. Actively listening to focus on what the other person is saying rather then considering more energy on what they are going to say. Another step in this process is obtaining
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