Effectiveness Of Effective Interpersonal Communication

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The most successful law enforcement officers are those that are able to find solutions and yet uphold enforcement without resorting to other use of force methods as most fights can be won with the right and positive attitude. Therefore, it is essential that the use of effective interpersonal communication is the numer one compliance tool and resource for law enforcement officers. According to a survey, law enforcement officers spend 80 percent of the time using their interpersonal communications, whether its verbal, face-to -face, on the two way radio, writing reports, notebooks, computers, etc. It can be basically categorized into communicating within the law enforcement environment and communication within the community. Interpersonal communication can be complex in the law enforcement world. Law enforcement officers require this specialized skill for so many reasons and to achieve a positive outcome for every situation. The effect of how the law enforcement officers speak to others, the words they say and the tone of voice. Naturally, law enforcement officers are trained to communicate in a way deemed appropriate for other persons, but sometimes the interpersonal communication is inappropriate and misunderstood. Law enforcement officers escape lot of negative criticism and media attention when they do their work right. There are very few occasions that law enforcement officers are actually praised for the good work that they do due to treating every possible
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