Effectiveness Of Problem Based Learning As An Entrepreneurial Pedagogy Essay

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THATO G. RAKATE ID:200900864 ELB 501 RESEARCH RESEARCHTOPIC: THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PROBLEM BASED LEARNING AS AN ENTREPRENEURIAL PEDAGOGY IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS Ms T.G. Rakate 4/8/2016 Contents INTRODUCTION 3 RESEARCH QUESTIONS 4 NATURE AND APPLICATION OF PROBLEM BASED LEARNING 4 THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PROBLEM BASED LEARNING AS PEDAGOGY IN SECONDARY SCHOOL ETREPRENEURIAL CLASSROOMS. INTRODUCTION Developing an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ within the class room environment is a challenge for any educator. It demands the formulation of integrated learning and teaching strategy which align intended learning outcomes with the effective selection of pedagogy. There are numerous definitions put forward in both the academic and practitioner literature relating to the Entrepreneurial concept and the notion of the enterprising person. Most definitions of an ‘entrepreneur’ are influenced by the work of economists and, in particular, the Austrian economist Schumpeter (1883 –1950). Entrepreneurial teaching is designed to maximize the potential for stimulating entrepreneurial attributes and insight and equipping participants for action. In particular, it is focused upon practicing behaviors, developing skills and reinforcing attributes
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