Effectiveness Of Psychiatric Programs For Children Essay

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Children in crisis are at a higher risk of developing mental health issues due to traumatic experiences. Several interventions are available to reduce the effects of traumatic experiences on children. In this paper, the effectiveness of psychiatric programs for children in crisis will be investigated. It is hypothesized that psychiatric intervention programs are effective in reducing stress reactions in children in crisis but an holistic approached must be adopted to obtain better results. The following four literature reviews attempt to validate and support this hypothesis. In a research article by Ager, Stark, Akesson & Boothby (2010), the authors attempted to identify best practices used by practitioners in the care and protection of children in crisis. The determination of best practices would identify areas where there is harmony in the provision of this care and protection and where there is disharmony, it would provide the basis for policy and programmatic review in the area. Additionally, identification of these best practices allows for the deliberation of how this knowledge reflects on the development and contribution of research in the enhancement of practices for the care and protection of children in crisis. The study participants were senior practitioners working with major agencies involved in humanitarian response for the care and protection of children in crisis. The study employed a three phase Delphi design which involved elicitation of proposed best
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