Effectiveness Of Stylistics On The Reader. Stylistics Are

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Effectiveness of Stylistics on the Reader Stylistics are used in writing to set various pieces of literature apart, while also determining the effectiveness said literature has on the reader. The novels Such is My Beloved and By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept both involve the concepts of sex and religion, but are each enjoyed by different groups of readers, Factors that highlight these differences include the point of view which story is told from, the word choice by the author, and the style the novel is written with. Such is My Beloved is enjoyed by more readers due to its following of a traditional form of writing, use of simplistic direct language, and a higher use of personal words and sentences than found in By Grand…show more content…
This is apparent in the scene where the main character is being questioned at the border and a guard states, “Better not try any funny business…you’re only making this tough on yourself.”(Smart, 48) Instead of responding to the guard, she answers in her mind which only the reader can comprehend stating, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth.” (Smart, 48)This shifting mental state of the main character is quite unique while also creating a need for a higher degree of focus by the audience to stay on track with the plot. The dictation used in Such is my Beloved is quite simplistic solidifying further the ease of read the story has. Callaghan uses short, concise sentences to move the story forward while providing the reader with a well detailed recounting of events. The passage examined in this paper captures the dialogue heavy nature of the story and some of the more ‘heavy’ narrative portions the story has to offer. An interesting point is that 32% of the words found on pages 121-122 contain the same fifteen words. (Chart 1) The word choice by Callaghan was rated by ‘The Reading Level Skill algorithm’ to be at a 11-12 grade level. (wordcounter.net) This solidifies an argument that this story is written to reach many people as it uses a less advanced dictionary than many other works. Surprisingly similar in dictation to Callaghan’s passage is the entry from By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept, which although written

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