Effectiveness Of The Firm 's Previous Communication Initiatives

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1. They are also face with poor contract management skill. 2. Forecasts were close to their actual. 3. Lack of soft skills staffs who are necessary 4. Lack of client audits 5. Poor sales technique 6. Project closeout Review of the Effectiveness of the Firm’s previous communication Initiatives The previously used marketing initiatives by Borton-Lawson Engineering include direct marketing, flyers, and ‘a bit’ of online marketing. In regard to direct marketing, the company often sends its sales reps to the field whereby the get to directly interact with the target customers informing them of the company’s product offers. The sales reps visit construction site, retail agents, schools, organizations, and government institutions informing them…show more content…
Marketing Strategy For the company to accomplish brand awareness and high product availability in the marketplace, there has to exist an effective branding and product distribution strategies. These two strategies should encompass the marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) strategy, as well as the marketing mix strategy. Deriving branding and service distribution strategies from both the STP and marketing mix strategies will facilitate Borton-Lawson Engineering accomplish the below-outlined marketing objectives. They include: • Increase brand awareness by 15% - 20% by the next year through the use of an integrated marketing campaign. • Increase physical service availability by increasing distribution through the use of multi-channel strategy in information flow. • To increase the market share and profitability by 20% (each), and hence enhance the accomplishment of the market leadership position in the industry. Financial Objectives • Increase sales and revenue by at least 15% by the first year. • Maintain efficiency of their supply chain. For the company to perform better, they have a support services department that assist in the previous of their serves. They include Information technology department engaged in the provision of the much needed technology for the design of the
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