Effectiveness Of The Influenza Vaccine

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Effectiveness of the Influenza Vaccine

Blake Olson and Eric Nietzel-Leone
October 16, 2014

EBP Paper Draft #1
A Paper Presented to Meet Partial Requirements
For NRSG 497
Research Methods in Nursing
Southern Adventist University
School of Nursing

It seems like everywhere you go you are reminded that it is that time of the year. Just a short drive around town it is evident that flu shots are encouraged everywhere one looks. From medical personnel to store checkouts one finds themselve bombarded with the question, “Have you gotten your flu shot yet?” Anyone and everyone is a candidate for the flu vaccine according to local pharmacies. (and many people are buying into this mantra). Millions of Americans will receive the flu vaccination without a doctor’s note or regard to any underlying conditions. The only question asked is, “Can you roll up your sleeve for me?” Many blindly receive the flu vaccine without question and assume that it is effective without factual knowledge. In the healthcare system it is a requirement to get vaccinated, unless one wishes to be sectioned off and forced to wear a mask during work. Mandatory vaccinations have been enacted among some employers pushing employees to receive the vaccination. This is despite their views, concerns, or questions in regards to the safety and effectiveness of the flu vaccination. There is much debate over whether the pros outweigh the cons in regards to inoculation. In an age where…
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