Effectiveness Of The International Company

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GeoMac International Company has been faced with the problem of lateness and absenteeism for long and all the solutions that have been tried so far has proved futile. Before recommending on the optimum solution from the alternatives, evaluation must be done. The possible solutions that have been proposed seem to have been tried by other companies since lateness and absenteeism are common problems. Awarding scheme as one of the alternative can have a great impact on the absenteeism and lateness. Incentives have proved to be one of the most effective ways to solve any problem that arises from employee’s acts that show dissatisfaction (Lazenby, 2008). An example of a company that has used the same is Coca Cola Company. Due to the impact that absenteeism has on the overall production and sales of a company, Coca-Cola had to come up with a solution to solve the issue of hours of work violation. One of the alternatives they had was awarding those who kept time and observed all working days. After sometimes, the impact was seen as a good number of employees started going to work every day. Those who had a habit of failing to go to work felt ashamed and thus decided to be among the regular comers. Another company such as General Motors also had the same problem but as of now, almost all employees report to work on daily basis. There has been improvement on hours of work and therefore this alternative satisfies the criterion of impact. The second alternative has also been applied
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