Effectiveness Of The Observed Classroom Management Strategies

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The Effectiveness of the Observed Classroom Management Strategies
Classroom management plays a crucial role in shaping a student’s performance in class. As a result, a teacher’s role is ensuring a conducive learning environment for all students. Teachers must put their best foot forward in ensuring they develop this invaluable skill which can only be learnt through continuous practice in the classroom. Generally, teachers are expected to manage their classrooms during the lessons. They are expected to arrange the classrooms (students), clearly outline the class rules before the start of a lesson, command behavior expectations, outline lesson goals as well as move around the …show more content…

Alternatively, I could alternate lessons where I teach for the entire lesson then on the next one I present the group discussion prompts. I believe this would go a long way into shaping the performance of the students especially the poorly performing ones and the minority ones as well. This can be attributed to the fact that a significant number of teachers in the video logs seem to be adopting the same strategies for class management.

The Effectiveness of the Observed Academic Language, Metacognition, and Communication Strategies
The effectiveness of the academic language, a metacognition as well as communication strategy is evident in the video logs. In general metacognition in learning is evoked through a clear explanation of the lesson objectives, goals and vision; explanation of the purpose for studying that particular lesson, asking questions and listening to feedback as well as assessing what the students have learnt at the end of each lesson. The effectiveness of the academic language can then be measured by the effective communication and use of technical terms without consequent explanation. The teacher can as well explain the technical terms at the beginning of the lessons then encourage their use by assigning students roles on the same topics later on as the lesson continues. Similarly, conventional communication strategies have revolved around both verbal and

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