Effectiveness Of Warning On Cigarette Packages

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1 The Effectiveness of warning on cigarette packages
In 2003, 432 individuals completed a 3-month follow up survey (Hammond, Fong, Mcdonald, Brown, and Cameron, 2004). Of which 19 percent reported that the warning symbols made them smoke less, 1% reported they smoke more, 63 percent reported positive benefit, while only 6 percent reported negative impact (Hammond et al., 2004).

Figure 2. Effectiveness of Cigarette package warnings. “Adapted from Graphic Canadian Cigarette Warning Labels and Adverse Outcomes: Evidence from Canadian Smokers,” by

Hammond, D., Fong, G. T., Mcdonald, P. W., Brown, K. S., & Cameron, R., 2004, American Journal of Public Health, 94(8). Copyright 2006 by American
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To strengthen policy and bring more awareness of smoking on campus. A partnership was created with Leave the Pack Behind; a free tobacco control program that offers young adults quitting information, personal support and quitting resources, completely free and funded by the provincial government (LTPB, 2016). These individuals provided information regarding quitting options and endorsed weekly challenges such as, the “would you rather contest” (PTCC and PROPEL, 2016). Where a student could win 5000 if he or she can cut back or stay tobacco free for 6 weeks (PTCC and PROPEL, 2016). These contests not only increase the changes of quitting, but also provide information on the harmful effects of smoking.

Other Potential Resources.

1. Smoke Free Ontario, is funded by the Province to help individuals quit smoking while informing citizens of the current laws around smoking (Ministry of Health and Long Term care, 2017. They determined to reduce the illness caused from smoking tobacco (Ministry of Health and Long-term care, 2017).
2. Action on Smoking and Health, Is an International organization built on reducing the deaths globally caused by tobacco smoking (ASH, 2017). The goal is to improve tobacco control through advocacy, communication and the force of law (ASH, 2017). This is not an anti-smoker but an anti-tobacco organization, and leader in smoking movement since 1967 (ASH, 2017).

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