Effectiveness of Hands on Learning Essay

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The Effectiveness of Hands-on Learning in the Classroom

Chapter 1
Everyday, teachers are faced with the challenge of teaching students new information that is valuable to their future. Teachers are responsible to determine what and how information is taught. How this information is taught to students is pertinent to their success; therefore, teachers must be able to use effective teaching methods in the classroom. Students have diverse learning styles; therefore, teachers need to determine how students learn best and pattern their teaching to accommodate these differences. During elementary school, children learn to read and write, acquire a basic understanding of content areas, and develop dispositions toward
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Although the hands-on learning approach requires a great deal of preparation time, once students have adjusted to the teaching method, the learning process becomes an enjoyable experience for both the teacher and the students (Berk, 1999). When teachers make use of hands-on activities to illustrate concepts in mathematics and science, students perform better on assessments in these subjects because their level of thinking and curiosity increase as a result of their active participation in the learning process (Wenglinsky, 2000).

Chapter 2
One possible solution to low academic achievement in certain content areas is the use of the hands-on learning approach. These activities can be used to promote higher order thinking and an increased understanding of the curriculum. When a teacher emphasizes hands-on learning activities, students significantly outperform their peers (Wenglinsky, 2000). Research on hands- on learning has been conducted and advocated since the late 1950's. The resulting research indicated that hands-on instruction was very successful in teaching science and mathematics because this kind of instruction created a more active environment. (Frederick, 1999). By using hands- on instruction in the classroom students attitudes toward science and math will become positive, students will then be motivated to learn, teachers and students will
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