Effectiveness of Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Marginatus) as an Ingredient of a Insect Repellent Fabric Conditioner

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Cebu City National Science High School
Salvador St., Labangon Cebu City

Effectiveness of Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon marginatus) as an ingredient of a insect repellent fabric conditioner

In partial fulfillment of the course
Integrative Biology

Submitted by:
Homecillo, Danielle S.
Calumpang, Claire R.
Pleños, Claire Y.

Submitted to:
Mrs. Alita Labiaga


Insect repellents are essentially needed these days. The frequent occurrences of floods nowadays lead to the increasing cases of Dengue. The abundance of cockroaches also increased the frequency of Diarrhea because of the microorganisms that these cockroaches carry. We knew that insect repellents are not easy to carry around because you still need to spray these to insects.
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Given the blessings from God, we want to use them to help and contribute a little for the said problem. We knew from the start that we want to do something that can help the citizens with their problems especially when it regards to insects. Our group decided to conduct this Investigatory Project to test the effectiveness of Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon marginatus) as an organic ingredient of Insect Repellent fabric conditioner.

Statement of the Problem

. Floods are common in the Philippines. We all know that these are suitable for insect breeding, especially for mosquitoes and cockroaches. Because of the abundance of Dengue carrying mosquitoes, the cases of Dengue is already increasing rapidly. Yes, humans already invented a lot of ways to solve this problem of ours. But, these solutions like the commercial insecticides are somewhat dangerous to our health.

Objectives: • To test the effectiveness of lemongrass as an ingredient for a insect repellent fabric softener. • To make an alternative and organic cockroaches/ insect repellent fabric softener.
Significance of the Study
Some commercial products are harmful to the environment. This Investigatory Project can help maintain the beauty of nature because this product is organic .
This product can be a great help to mothers who are having a difficulty in protecting their children from insects. Because mothers all
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