Effectiveness of Online Advertising

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Online advertising as a medium is emerging and holds a promising future for brands to build consumer relationships as these advertisements act as a reminder as well as a channel of sales. Online Advertising provides brands with the opportunity to exist alongside their competition and yet be relevant. Presently BFSI and IT sectors are the major investors in online advertising as their target audience (corporate) is present online most of the time. So, internet acts as a medium of influencing the target consumer as well as a channel of sales for them. But FMCG sectors are also catching up. Because of the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter, it has become easier for FMCG brands to advertise online as these advertisements act as a reminder for the consumers and directs the interested consumers to the main sites. This helps them in building their brand image as well as the consumer database as it gives them the opportunity to interact with the consumers and get feedback.

The most important feature of Online Advertising is that is measurable i.e. consumer reactions can be monitored. This feature of online advertising makes it an efficient medium for advertising as results can be easily monitored. The major limitation to this medium is the low broadband penetration in the country and although the internet user base is on a rise but the ratio when compared to the total population is very low.

Thus, Online Advertising is
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