Effectiveness of Public Service Announcements

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Running Head: Effectiveness of Public Service Announcements

Effectiveness of Public Service Announcements

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September, 2011

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Effectiveness of Public Service Announcements


Celebrity endorsements are one of the most famous methods of marketing used today. Celebrity endorsers are being used in about 25% of all the advertisements that we can see on the television. Marketers are investing large sums of money to have a contract with the celebrities as they believe that celebrities can affect the chances of success of a product. (Erica Weintraub Austina*, 2008) Kiakati
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Petty and Cacioppo (1981) have developed the elaboration likelihood model of persuasion which explains the peripheral route to persuasion and the central route. In the peripheral route, persuasive influences are more tangential to the issues at hand. For egg- in a PSA targeted against smoking in youth, the peripheral route will show the teenagers having a better sex life after quitting smoking. (William G. Shadel, January 2009) Central processing occurs when the person at hand is aware about the main message of the PSA and is motivated to consider its content. We will analyze the use of celebrities for both these routes of persuasion and try to find out the effectiveness in each case.
A PSA is usually not presented to the audience at the time of action. A PSA is supposed to make the audience think and act on the message later. Thus human memory plays a very important role in the success of a PSA. (Shen, Monahan, Rhodes, & Roskos-Ewoldsen, 2009) If the audience is attracted by a PSA, likes it but is not able to recollect it later the whole exercise ends in futility. Many researchers have found that for the message to be effective, retained and used highly credible sources of delivering the message have to be used and these sources of delivery should be able to create a personal connect with the audience. (Joseph B. Walther1, 2010)In this context if we are using a public celebrity; he has his own personality and a public image. We will try to
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