Effectiveness of Social Media Marketing

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Effectiveness of social media marketing Abstract In this paper we will identify different ways of measuring the effectiveness of social media marketing by using any real life example. We will also emphasize on how branding is done in today's digital age as well as identify social business objectives. Some key performance indicators (KPI) will also be assessed here which measures the overall success of the business. B1. Branding in the digital age In today's era the process of buying, selling and promoting has evolved up to the extent which allows the consumers and sellers to have relative ease in doing their tasks as compared to previous times. It is very common for any buyer to gain knowledge about what it wants to buy and this is exactly the task which has been made extremely easy today by the usage of social media especially the online resources like the internet. According to David Edelman in his Harvard Business Review of 2010, the internet has evolved the ways in which consumers engage with brands. This has made the common consumer very promiscuous with their brand relationships. The advantages offered by the new digital age allows the consumers to remain constantly engaged as well as to publicly promote their bought up products, all of this greatly contributes in the development of the brand itself. The whole process of advertising through web is continually evolving and a major advantage of it is that it greatly decreases the costs of the entire advertising
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