Effectiveness of Social Networking Sites

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Human beings according to Aristotle are social animal. In this regard, it is not difficult to comprehend why social networking sites today have taken over the scene in the internet world. The success of social networking sites is due to the number of people living away from the people they loved, those people that they once frequently interact with or those people that would love to interact and keep track with people that they know that are not virtually around. This kept everyone in touch with the people that are not virtually around, as well as those people that you see every day. This works with a simple update on what is going
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The increase in medium of marketing and advertising further add to such confusion. For instance, Dr. Rangathan further claimed that if a product claim is that it can fulfill the need of people with both dry and oily skin as it has some special ingredient/(s)/technology. One has to see how vulnerable the product is from copying or duplication and what is there in the product that cannot be copied or duplicated. Mere telling of the story of adaptation without understanding the vulnerability would never help in the market place. The simple story of skin lightening products would tell us how the adaptation and vulnerability will go together. The great need of being fairer (with light or white skin) was well galvanized by companies initially. The first promise was that if one use the product for a particular number of weeks would become fairer. Many other companies later introduced their products with similar or near similar claims. Subsequent to that, the promise period got shortened from weeks to days to hours to get the desired benefit of skin lightening. Companies were trying to sell the promise than the product. Relative thereto, it is important to identify how advertising and promoting products through social media help the target consumer decide for or against patronizing cosmetic products. The mention premises enable the researcher to come up with different

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