Effectiveness of Technology

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Effectiveness of Technology Andrew Kelly University of Phoenix BUS/318 March 21, 2011 Effectiveness of Technology In every aspect of business today, technology is the core to a company’s success. Technology has altered the way managers of retail operate. Technology allows for communication, operations, and the planning of strategic aspirations. Technology’s Impact on the Role of Retail Managers Working as a retail manager requires great more knowledge than retail managers before them. As a retail manager or a manager period, knowledge of computers is a must. It is not simply turning a computer on and off. It is like running the whole…show more content…
Retailers need to be able to better track consumers and sales information. Transparency between systems is a challenge that would help decrease this challenge. Gathering too much customer information is harmful because there is too much information to store. Retailing is a dangerous business, and the Internet and technology affect strategy and success in this industry more rapidly than perhaps any other industry. Beyond the classic forces like the global economy and razor-thin margins, competition in retail can now come from anywhere across the globe at any time. Customers are global customers, and social media and networking are driving consumer preference and uptake in a dizzying fashion. Even traditional luxury buyers are rethinking their spending patterns and seeking new value alternatives. Whether you are
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