Effectiveness of the Rhetorical Devices Used in the Manjeet Kripalani and Cindy Kimbbe Articles

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In this assignment there will be an analysis of the effectiveness of the rhetorical devices used in two of the articles in the assignment. First, I will address two of the rhetorical devices that were presented in “Ban Outsourcing? Bad Idea” by Manjeet Kripalani. Second, I will review the rhetorical devices that were presented in the article “Outsourcing: the good, the bad and the inevitable”, by Cindy Kibbe. The articles are both strong in opinion and detail with persuasive arguments; the analysis will review the validity, logic, accuracy, misleading statements, ambiguity, and credibility of each article. Ban Outsourcing? Bad Idea by Manjeet Kripalani Accomplished journalist, Manjeet Kripalani, in the article, “Ban Outsourcing? Bad…show more content…
There is misleading information provided, as there is not validity to the backlash that is stated. The second statement, Kripalani used the loaded language and comparisons, “Just as jobs are a crucial issue in the upcoming U.S. election, jobs are an issue in India, too” (Kripalani, 2004). The loaded language and comparisons are used to make the readers beliefs and feelings affected by what it is compared to. It is a type of association to an issue that they also have to deal with on a personal level. This will also try to clarify the claim that is made by Kripalani in her article. This statement is effective in the persuasion on the sheer fact that many countries in 2004 were in fact feeling the economic issues. Even if this statement contains truth to the times, it is can be considered a group ambiguous statement as it is made to a group of readers. Do to the world wide economic constraints there is no reason that India was not also affected by the down turn in the employment statistics. An upturn and a light to the change for the economy came when there was the first multinational government contract to have Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft join forces with an India based company (Kripalani, 2004). The validity of this argument can be verified in the Bloomberg View article by Chandrahas Choudhury that states “The malaise is particularly serious in the manufacturing sector, which shed as many as 5 million jobs between 2004 and

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