Effectiveness the Implementation of Peace and Order Ordinance at Barangayn

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13 Masagca, J. T., Masagca, M. T. & Chunxiang, M. (2009). Enhancing Governance of the Barangay: Reflections of Academics, JOAAG, Vol. 4. No.2 Enhancing Governance of the Barangay: Reflections of Academics Jimmy T. Masagca 1 Manrico T. Masagca 2 M. Chunxiang 3 Abstract This paper presents the insights of selected academics on local governance of the Barangay, the basic political unit (BPU) in the Philippines. Participants were pre‐selected and their representations were determined using the ethnographic technique with the property of conversation (pakikipagkwentuhan). This inquiry notes that good governance of BPU can be affected by the lack of capabilities of officials; indecisiveness during assumption of duties as officers‐in‐charge.…show more content…
Further to this, Claustro (2001) discovered that factors contributing to the positive image of the government were political influence, social recognition, and job security. In contrast, physical working conditions, public exposure, interpersonal relationships, career advancement, meaningful work and compensation contributed to the negative ratings. On the requisites of good local governance, Etemadi (2004) speculated that sustained non‐ governmental organization or NGO advocacy and participation produces better results and promotes inclusive governance. Participation as a vital element in governance provided the avenues of consolidated popular support from the local people without the aid of mutually rewarding ties, a strong political machine or a monopoly of power. The experience of a city local government official in Bicol Region, Philippines who secured the maximum term of office and improved the lives of his constituents by setting a new standard in governance. An e‐Governance report (see Robredo 2006), note that a strong local commitment to transparency, accountability and participation (as hallmarks of good governance) can transform the use of information and communication technology (ICT) from being conventional management tools to effective instruments for engaging ordinary

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