Effects And Results Of Operation Oluja

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Effects and Results of Oluja

Operation Oluja is the largest military operation in Croatian history, as well as a decisive turning point in the overall conflict on the territory of former Yugoslavia. With Operation Oluja around 14 % of the total territory of the Republic of Croatia was liberated. Its ending and results marked the collapse of the Greater Serbia idea of uniting all Serbian countries in former Yugoslavia and the creation of Greater Serbia. It changed the strategic force ratio in the region, which directly influenced the bringing of the Serbs to the negotiating table. It took the change of the strategic situation, which had been brought about by Croatian military successes, to create the conditions for the implementation of US-led peacekeeping initiatives of USA, Germany, France, Great Britain and Russia” , as well as for the signing of the Dayton Agreement and a complete cessation of military operations in Croatia and BiH.
Operation Oluja inflicted a total defeat on the SVK, while the VRS was de facto on the verge of collapse. By unblocking the Bihać enclave in western Bosnia, Oluja relieved the forces of the 5th Corps of ARBiH from the complete encirclement and facilitated its engagement on other territories in Bosnia, all of which speeded up the process of forcing the Serbs to
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Regardless of its continuous engagement in combat operations, the HV used every opportunity to carry out training and advance education to the greatest extent. Well-trained forces, together with simplicity, initiative, adaptability, the unity of effort, the concentration of combat power at decisive points, and other principles of war stand out as an evident concept for success and a feature of all successful operations, Oluja being one of
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