Effects Of 1.major Depressive Disorder ( Mdd )

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Case 2 LB (MDD) 1.Major depressive disorder is linked to many causes such as biologic, cognitive, and behavioral, but the most influential of all on the development of MDD seem to be social and interpersonal factors, and genetics. This can be supported through LB’s experiences with MDD. LB is a thirteen year old girl, who has been faced with many interpersonal, familial stressors that possibly triggered or worsened her depression. Her parents got a divorce when she was a young girl, however recently her father has been in and out of her life more frequently causing a disruption in their family dynamic. Her father’s presence is an issue, because in years past he has been abusive, unpredictable, and uninvolved, and…show more content…
Genetic factors are also very significant to the development of MDD. LB has many family members that have suffered from mood disorders. Her father suffered from depression along with many other disorders, and her mother received outpatient psychotherapy for depression after her divorce. LB’s maternal aunt and paternal grandfather also had been known to have recurring periods of depression. Having MDD has also led LB to have changes in cognitive, and behavioral domains and lead to problems with her social and interpersonal relationships. LB’s feelings of depression have caused her to feel helpless and suffer with low self worth. She has lost interest in her normal activities, like hanging out with friends. LB also stated in this case study that she had occasional episodes of feeling like she was in a dream state, which is a symptom of depression referred to as depersonalization, where one feels detached from their body. This patient also expressed that she is constantly worried about her physical appearance and whether she had done something wrong, for instance, unknowingly upsetting her teachers and peers. All of these feeling have lead to her having low self worth, and more importantly lead her to have suicidal thoughts. LB said that she has felt feel like the world was coming down on her, which would lead her to think about committing suicide by letting herself drown in the pool at her school. LB also had behavioral changes due
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