Effects Of A Psychological Intervention On Adolescents

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Development has been one of the most interesting branches of psychology that many psychologists has spent time the most throughout the years. Development can be defined as the pattern of movement and change that begins at conception and ends at about old age. This branch of psychology, can be broken down into many categories or periods since development is not only one thing, it is multi dimensional. The period of development that I choose was adolescents development, and the dimension I am going to talk about it is emotional development. The specific subject that I am going to focus my attention is the effects of a psychological intervention on adolescents. In my opinion, the study of emotional development in adolescents is very…show more content…
As a future health care giver I want to be able to learn as much as I can to help my patients in daily basis and provide the best care I can offer. Also, this is very important to me because I want learn the most I can about this stage of development and implement it to my life, so I can use this knowledge with my own kids besides my patients. According to the article regarding the Effects of Psychological Intervention on Emotional Development During Adolescence, the primary aim of this research article was to design a program of psychological intervention for adolescents and to assess its effects on factors of emotional development. This experiment was composed by 174 adolescents ages 12-14 that were tested before they ran the actual experiment to find for the experimental subjects and the control subjects. By the beginning and the end of this program six instruments were administered to measure: empathy, anxiety, self-concept, image of classmates, and ability to analyze feelings. The intervention program applied to the experimental subjects consisted of one two hours intervention session per week throughout the whole academic year. These kids were exposed to about 60 different activities that were aimed to stimulate communication and friendly and cooperative interactions, and
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