Effects Of Absenteeism And Tardiness

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Student absenteeism and tardiness
It is important for students to be present at school and to be on time. When students are absent from school or arrive late, they miss valuable information that is prudent to their learning. When students are absent or tardy for school this causes an inconvenience for the teachers as well as the students. Furthermore, when the students arrives to school late, they causes a disruption in the classroom. Regular attendance at school provides students with the strong foundation necessary to develop academic skills and social connections. This will also help them in the workplace.
Demographic of the school
Westside High School serves 217 students in grades eighth through twelfth. The students: teacher ratio of 10:1 is lower than the Louisiana average of 14:1. Minority enrolment is 100% of the student body
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• Good attendance is recognized and rewarded. Certificates are awarded at the end of each month recognizing both the staff and the student’s team with 100% and 95% attendance. End of year awards are given for the team who have attended school every day.
• The principal meets with parents of students with chronic absenteeism. Discussion at these meetings focuses on the importance of regular attendance and how the school can support the family to achieve this.
Evidence of results
Westside High School was able to reduce the absence and tardiness rate among the students and staff.
• Students now strive to receive monthly recognition and snacks that their attendance at school is valued.
• Significant improvements have been made with individual student data.
• Parents often comment on the eagerness of their children to attend school to achieve the acknowledgement that comes with regular attend.
• Success with a number of students who had chronic absenteeism and tardiness.
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