Effects Of Abuse On The Victims Of The United States

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More than 24 million people of the United States of America are victims of relationship abuse in a given year. Women are not the only sufferers because it happens to men too. defines relationship abuse as “a pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors used to maintain power and control over a former or current intimate partner.” Sources say that it can stem from childhood experiences or caused by alcohol. Facts and myths cloud the subject and create misinterpretations on the causes. Either of these can create detrimental effects to the victims. Abuse is a choice that can be influenced by outside factors. Relationship abuse is broken down into many categories. Some areas like emotional or physical abuse are more typical than economic or academic abuse. An abuser can prevent a victim from going to class or work just because he or she does not care for the people the victim is around at that certain place. Due to this, more than sixty percent of relationship abuse happens at home or private places; as a result, the perpetrator would not want outsiders to blame him or her. Men and women can both be the offender or the victim. Statistics show that one in four women are abused and one in seven men are abused. A majority of society believes men are the abusers and women are the victims; however, that just is not the case. The victims that seek help are typically women because men can let their pride get in the way. Men will view seeking help as not having
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