Effects Of Addiction On Recovery From Addiction

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springtolife.net - Cleansing Your Life When New To Recovery From Addiction
Addiction has hit your life hard and you 're ready to start over again by attending a rehab center. We 're proud of you for making the right decision! It 's not one that is easy to make because it requires massive and difficult life changes. However, moving successfully through recovery is the most important moment you 'll ever experience in your life.

True recovery from addiction requires a commitment to cleansing your life of the negative impact of addiction and starting over. There are many different life aspects that you must cleanse and doing so will help put you on the path to true recovery. Essentially, it will eliminate all distractions and help you tap
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Psychology Today goes in depth on the most difficult of these relapse triggers to cleanse from your life: friends and family members who use. They quote a common AA saying that says, "If you visit the barber shop often enough, you 're bound to get a haircut.” Basically, if you keep visiting the same people and the same locations with whom and where you used in the past, it 's going to be hard to resist falling into old patterns.

We 're here to tell you that it is possible to eliminate these people and locations from your life in a healthy manner. Call up or e-mail your friends and tell them that you care about them, but that you can 't see them anymore, due to your dedication to recovery. Nobody wants to make this step in their life, but it is one that you must take if you want to start over again.

Make sure they understand it is nothing personal and that you would be more than happy to see them if they quit using. In this way, you may even serve as a positive role model that can help your friends dedicate themselves to sobriety. While you can 't force recover or sobriety on them, you 'd be surprised at how open they 'll be if you 're honest and caring with them.

Making Your Daily Schedule About Recovery
Our lives are a mess of conflicting thoughts, actions, and responsibilities. This confusion, understandably, causes us a wide range of emotional difficulties. Perhaps this is why you
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