Effects Of Additional Needs

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Children and adults will at some point in their life have an additional need, be it long term, short term, unexpected or a sudden onset. Regardless of the circumstances, educators need to be able to recognise, acknowledge and support children and their family’s needs to the best of their ability. Additional needs goes beyond the physical appearance and obvious disability such as a missing limb or sight impairment. Children with additional needs may be on the autism spectrum, have cultural differences or who cannot speak or understand English. Children who are affected by a disability or who have additional needs are not the only people whose life is impacted. Families often bear the brunt of organising, obtaining resources, gaining medical assistance and sourcing educational facilities that can accommodate their child or children. Both parties will be subject to misconceptions, ignorance, disbelief, social bias, ridicule and a total lack of understanding of the child’s particular condition. This can have lasting personal, social and financial detrimental effects on the families. Fear of the unknown is usually the biggest hurdle that parents will face when looking at schooling and education for their…show more content…
Teachers are put under great strain when asked to cater for children with additional needs and if they are not correctly trained in this area this could have devastating and disadvantageous outcomes for the
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