Effects Of Adoption And Adoption

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One hundred years ago, if a child was found unwanted or neglected, they were placed in an orphanage. Today, our society has created a foster care system taking children and putting them in better homes until reunited with biological parents or adopted. This system has become so elaborate that it’s not uncommon for the average person to know someone who was in foster care or who was adopted. For this reason, adoption and fostering are terms that have become very commonplace in our society today. However, consider the following four examples, unique each in their own right, and yet all profoundly changed by a simple openness to life. The following experiences are examples of the truly life-changing effect fostering and adoption can have on all the families involved.
In the United States alone, there are over 427,910 children in foster care within the last two years, and more and more are put in each day. The average child spends 22 months in foster care bouncing from one home to another, being pulled from their real homes over and over, and sometimes are never adopted. Since I was just six years old my parents have been involved in foster care, taking in children who are in need of safe homes to stay in for awhile, or for children who are in need of adoption. I am now sixteen, and the past ten years has had its ups and downs; we have had children brought into our home, stay for roughly 2-3 years and then get sent back to their parents. There have been times when my parents
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