Effects Of Advertisements On Children And Children

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Advertisements are short film or written notices or pictures. Advertisements are something that are shown or presented to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement. Advertisements can be defined in many different ways. Advertisements of a person or thing that shows how good or effective a product is. Most of the Advertisements has quote next them which is trying to get across a certain point. The Nutella advertisement is trying to prove that gender doesn’t matter. Men have the same responsibilities as women. According to certain theory children and teenagers learn about gender roles through actual experience, but also through how they see others act. Teenagers and children don’t know how to act right way in some situations, so they act as how they saw others act and what they saw on Advertisements or on television. Parents play a big role in how children view their own gender. Advertisements has two impact. The first impact is it’s not always going to be positive. The second impact is it can be negative, so it’s all depends on type of Advertisements. If they see parents respect and help each other’s then there is almost 99% of chance they will act same. The way Advertisements attract the attention of young children is through expressing. Many product is newer and better than the one they have it. That better product will make their mind go on it. The need to nurture. “Dad makes breakfast too… no Nutella required”. This quote means that
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