Effects Of Advertisements On Your Children

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Advertisements here, advertisements there, advertisements everywhere! Have you ever wondered what would happen if these advertisements take over the beautiful little minds of your children? Have you ever considered the impacts of advertisements on your children? All you parents must be wondering why your child comes to you every day to ask you to buy him/her a new product that has been launched and is of their interest, right? I am a member of the Children’s Association, and I have written this article to tell you what exactly it is that is causing the children the urge to buy these products. Firstly, when we think about advertisements, what comes to our mind is their main aim. The main aim of advertisements or marketers is to create awareness and to ‘persuade’ the society to purchase the product. Who will benefit? You or them? Your child will come to you asking you to buy him a new flying gadget that has been launched, and no matter what, your child will go through anything to make sure that you buy him the product. This is called the ‘Nag Factor’. The above picture has a very deep meaning and it tells us that the television media is capturing and taking over our minds! So what is the nag factor? Well, the nag factor is basically the tendency of children, who are bombarded with marketers ' messages, to unrelentingly request advertised items (ScienceDaily, 2011). It is when children are shown advertisements and they are persuaded by the marketer to get the product.
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