Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On Children

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“Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can affect all aspects of a person’s life.” Even though it is legal for anybody at least age twenty-one and over, alcohol is commonly abused among adults. When people think about alcohol abuse, they usually only focus on the one person who is drinking in excess, but what if that person has a family or is a parent? How does alcoholism affect their children or loved ones? The majority of people would suggest that binge drinking only mainly affects the one person doing it, they do not realize that it affects their children and families as a whole. In general, children and families are affected in a negative way when combated with the issue of a parent or very close relative being an alcoholic. First, I will explain the negative effects that adults abusing alcohol has on their children or family members. Then I will oppose the negative effects with the opposing viewpoint that alcohol abuse can be fixed relatively quickly without it being a burden to that person’s family. Finally, I will break down both opposing sides and bring my opinion into the debate. Adults who deal with alcohol abuse can be a major headache for their family and most importantly, his or her’s children. The Society for the Study of Addiction states that “... studies have reported that recurrence of substantiated child maltreatment occurred more frequently in cases where carer alcohol abuse was identified.” Child abuse in general is awful and is nothing that should be condoned…
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