Effects Of Alcohol And Academic Achievement

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University students are synonymous with drinking and testing their limits. Maybe it’s some kind of rite of passage or merely peer pressure but when you consider the average age of students these days it hard to gain some kind of perspective. According to the most recently available data, the median age of college students is 21.6 years, while for university students; the median age is 22.8 years (see Appendix A). (Dale, 2012) The question needs to be asked; why young adults of this age find it necessary to binge drink and also what the effects of this is on their academic achievement.
According to the research conducted for this report, there is most definitely a connection between Alcohol and Academic achievement and based on the websites studied there are three areas where alcohol affects student’s grades: Firstly, drinking excessively has a negative effect on class attendance and therefore leads to the students falling behind in their studies. Secondly, the amount of time and the quality of time spent on studying is negatively affected by alcohol use. Thirdly, there is a direct inverse relationship between drinking and grades. Studies have shown that the majority of students who are at risk of failing admitted they fell into the heavy drinking category. Please refer to Appendix B for a complete explanation of these three areas.

This report will look at the culture of drinking at University, the reasons students give for drinking, health related…
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