Effects Of Alcohol On Human Health

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Alcohol, what is it and why is it used? Alcohol in the sense of drinkable beverages are, drinks that contain substantial amounts of ethanol (which is the intoxication agent found in alcoholic beverages). Ethanol is known to be a central nervous system depressant and has certain effects on the human body when consumed. Ethanol is also considered a psychoactive drug because of its ability to alter human interaction both physically and mentally. Ethanol plays a major role in Alcohol Consumption because of its altering abilities in the human body, but it is not only Ethanol that can do this. There are many subcategories of alcoholic components similar to Ethanol, such as Methanol alcohol and Butanol alcohol. With these components mixed in together to create the drinkable alcohol, we use the liquid to give bursts of the sensation that is euphoria. Euphoria is a state of mind in which the feelings of well being are persistent and create a more tolerable environment for the individual. Alcohol is used for recreational purposes but if taken in large quantities can have major negative effects on human health. Before jumping into the health issues that alcohol can cause, we should understand how we measure the concentration of alcohol in any person 's body. There is an equation that allows any individual to see how much alcohol is in their bloodstream. We call it the BAC equation, or Blood Alcohol Content equation. This equation takes multiple factors into consideration, Gender,…
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