Effects Of Alcohol On The Human Body

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There is a growing concern with driving under the influence of drugs, especially marijuana, compared to the ever-present, yet stagnant attention given to alcohol-impaired drivers and the decline in alcohol-related accidents. Of primary importance to the comparison of the two are the different impacts of these substances on the human body, respective frequencies of use and vehicular incidents, and potential control over both. Do these elements affect drivers in the same manner or to the same extent? Are they being used to the same degree in the general population? With knowledge of usage and impairment differences in mind, are statistics regarding vehicular accidents and fatalities analyzed just as intently when related to drugs versus alcohol? Legislation outlining levels of impairment as well as “cut-off” concentrations for drivers under the influence of alcohol appear much more standardized and recognized by the public than are regulations concerning driving and concurrent use of other drugs, whether illicit or legal. This stems from the fact that drug use is not as easily detectable in a roadside situation as is consumption of alcohol, so it is typically more difficult to implement regimented procedures that can be explicitly understood and utilized. However, with national legalization of marijuana on the horizon, and pre-existing abuse of both legal prescription drugs and illicit substances, care should be taken to define and inform citizens about “drugged driving” with…
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