Effects Of Alcohol On The Transportation Industry

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Drunk driving is a phrase that is directly connected with alcohol consumption and consequently driving a motor vehicle. Driving under alcohol influence is accounted as a major contributor to most road accident demises (Parrillo, 42). In the context of driving drinking is strictly prohibited by authorities across the globe as this exposes the driver, the involved parties and to motorists to extreme danger. The consumption of alcohol is responsible for the impairment of an individual judgment which thus makes the specific driver be unfit to drive a motor car or any other motor machine. Drunk driving is the occurrence of driving under alcohol influence which can result in undesirable consequences. The issue of drunkenness has been a societal issue for decades now but currently the consequences of alcohol are termed to me more as compared to the previous years (Parrillo, 46). With the technological advancement in the transport industry, most individuals utilize personal of public transport to access location. This, therefore, means that arriving at the given location safely fully depends on the capability of the driver to drive properly. Being under alcohol influence simply means that individual’s attention is lost attention, forgets their responsibility as a driver which results in unpredictable and dangerous conduct (Parrillo, 44). This, therefore, raises the significance of preventing drunk driving as these results to the death of most individuals based on
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