Effects Of Anti Babesia Vaccine On The Livestock Industry

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4. Discussion Babesia has a worldwide economic importance due to the enormous losses it causes for the livestock industry. A subunit antigen attracted the attention for the development of anti-Babesia vaccine (Brown et al., 2006). In this respect, HSPs have emerged as prospective immunostimulatory components for vaccine development (Suto and Srivastava, 1995; Suzue and Young, 1996; Zugel and Kaufmann, 1999). Therefore, we investigated the characterization of a member of the HSP-70 family from B. bigemina. The sequence of BbigHSP-70 was found in the genome sequence database of B. bigemina through the blast search with homologue sequences of B. bovis and B. gibsoni. The sequence of BbigHSP-70 from the Argentina strain was identified by sequencing. Gene has 2 copies in most apicomplexan, but we did not analyze the copy number in B. bigemina; this will be done in a future study. Phylogenetic analysis of the amino acid sequence showed that all intraerythrocytic protozoan parasites, including Plasmodium spp., make one group located outside the paraphyletic group containing eumycetes and vertebrates. Since the HSP-70 of the parasites and hosts do not seem to be closely related, they likely evolved separately. The H SP-70 of Babesia, Theileria and Plasmodium seem to be closely related; therefore, the function of HSP-70 might be similar among these parasites. Jie et al. (1996) suggested that HSP-70 perform functions critical to the survival of B. microti parasites. As described

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