Effects Of Antibiotics On Child Obesity

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Have you ever watched the news and saw a report on the proclaimed drop in child obesity and then went out and noticed that there are thousands of children who are over weight? Then sat there and thought to yourself, how could this be happening to our youth and why? Well, recently this year alone there has been multiple studies conducted to try and figure out why our youth are suffering from being over weight. According to multiple, news, articles, and studies, there are many factors that are contributing to the rise or stability in children being obese. More so, the most recent broadcasted article is saying that antibiotics could be a major factor to child obesity. BBC news health reporter Smitha Mundasad, wrote an article based off research about how and why antibiotics are contributing to child obesity. So, here is a quick low down about the research conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Bloomberg School of Public Health. They had reviewed the health records of over 64,500 children between 2001 and 2013. They found that almost 70 percent of the children by the time they where 24 months old, discovered they were administered two courses of antibiotics. They continued to mention that children who had four or more prescribed antibiotics, had a ten percent chance of being obese; not to mention the type of antibiotics made a difference as well. They found that the antibiotics that where used to kill off multiple bacterias, where the kind that
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