Effects Of Australian Mining Boom On The Aboriginal People

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夏晨天 Student ID: 43755428 Course code: CHIN7160 Due day: 23/08/2015 The Effects of Australian Mining Boom on the Aboriginal People Started from late 1800s, Australian mining boom is an inevitable part of modern Australian history. From gold and copper to iron and gas, the several terms of mining boom made great contribution to Australian community and economy including providing source of employment, attracting immigrants and stimulating international trading. The mining boom is considered to be a shock to the Australian economy.“This combination of shocks has boosted the purchasing power and volume of Australian output. It has also led to large changes in relative prices, most noticeably an appreciation of the exchange…show more content…
Not until the recent few decades did aboriginal people getting a chance to develop their economies by mining boom: The turning point actually occurred in 1995 when Leon Davis, chief executive of CRA Ltd (now Rio Tinto), broke ranks with his industry and said he would negotiate under native title law. Since then, the company has blazed a trail in negotiating agreements that offer job and economic development opportunities to Aboriginal people, and others are now following. Rio now employs about 1600 Aborigines, making it the single largest such employer in the country. (Cleary, 2011) This development declined with the end of mining boom. ”Aboriginal business leaders are angry at mining giant BHP Billiton, which they accuse of exacerbating the grim situation by favouring multi­national contractors over indigenous businesses.” (Burrell & Tayler, 2015) At the peak of mining boom, the mining industrial companies employed thousands of indigenous workers, but when the international need of mine started to go down and many companies closed their mines, they had to lay off most of the aboriginal workers. The large amount of unemployment brought terrible effects both to the aboriginal economy and society. Aboriginal people have different way of living from
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