Effects Of Autism On Children With Autism Spectrum Diseases

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Autism Spectrum disorder is described as a disorder that will disable people for communication and social interaction. They will have repetitive behaviors and also will have difficultly learning, reacting to things or paying attention. If there is an early intervention of this disorder treatment can be manageable. Scientist believe that genetic is the major cause of autism and there is a high chance of children to get autism if their sibling is already suffering from autism. Autism was discovered around 60 years ago and since then it is considered as fascinating, puzzling and massively researched disorder. Several therapies and treatment that can be done to reduce the effect of ASD, but there is no cure. Adams, N. , & Jarrold, C. (2012), researched on how resistance to distract or inhibition can reveal impairments in children with Autism spectrum Diseases ASDs. They came in the conclusion that that autism is specific deficit, which can even increase perceptual capacity in autism. The history of autism is not that old, but it is affecting many children life. According to the research done by Goin-Kochel, R. , Abbacchi, A. , Constantino, J. , & Consortium, A. (2007) did interesting research on different phenotypes of autism. They did the study using two distinct samples of male and female. The result from the sample proves that there is four times high prevalence of ASD on male than in female.
ASD can be manageable if early intervention about this disorder is done. ASD is

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