Effects Of Binge Drinking On Children

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There is a lot of support and treatment for binge drinking. Organisations such as Alcohol know your Limits and like a drink. These organisations provide support and advice to people who are suffering with binge drinking. They provide useful information about alcohol and what each genders drinking guidelines is. In addition they also provide information on the long and short term effects of binge drinking on an individual both physical and mental. Furthermore they have hotlines that people can call in if individuals need advice or help on where to get treatments. There are alcohol rehab centres that provide treatment for binge drinking. These places allow individuals to understand the impacts that their drinking had on family and friends through group talks. Furthermore they provide a safe environment for these people, which ensures that they don’t got out and drink for example and since they are in these safe environment they are away from the reasons they started binge drinking (Alcohol Rehab, 2015), (, 2015).
Binge drinking is the topic I have chosen for sixth form students because it is the age where students have come of age to drink legally and buy alcohol which may make them feel like they are old enough to drink excessively as they may believe it is expected of them at that age, since not only does society expects sixth form students to drink they are also expected by friends to socialise with them by going out to clubs and pubs. Students

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