Effects Of Birth Control On Children

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There are countless drugs in use today that are controversial. Many people believe that these drugs are useful and cause no harm to the person taking it, while others feel that they are harmful to the body and do more destruction than improvement. Examples of these controversial drugs include Accutane, flu shots, Prozac, and birth control. One of the most common of these drugs is birth control. Birth control is a drug that may be used in various ways. It is mainly taken to prevent pregnancy, make menstrual cycles lighter and more regular, and help prevent or treat certain diseases or conditions. Birth control may also cause women to encounter side effects like nausea, headaches, weight gain or loss, or mood swings. Despite these side effects, birth control is a very effective and beneficial drug that is used by countless women worldwide.
Birth control, also named contraceptive, is a drug widely used to prevent pregnancy and other different medical issues within the female body. It uses the hormones estrogen and progestin to, “prevent a woman 's ovary from releasing an egg during her menstrual cycle, which is called ovulation. They do this by changing the levels of the natural hormones the body makes”
(medlineplus.gov). If the egg does not get released from the ovary then sperm cannot meet with the egg, thus preventing pregnancy. There are many forms of birth control that a woman may choose from. The most common forms are the pill or the shot. These forms are all efficient in

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