Effects Of Brand Image On Consumer Decision Making

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Anglia Ruskin University Effects of brand image on consumer decision making process- a comparative analysis of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Smartphone in the United Kingdom. Research Proposal Part B Executive summary Earlier companies use to concentrate on making a brand image is to only entice new customers but these days theories have turned around. Maintaining the brand has become one of the prime targets’ for marketing professionals in order to gratify existing customers. There are approx. 103 mobile manufacturing brands around the world with following most popular mobile phone brands in the UK: Apple iPhone, Nokia, LG G4, Motorola Moto, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Lumia, HTC, Google Nexus and Sony…show more content…
These figures show a clear picture of the fact that smartphones are not only to be used for several purposes but also as a tool for presenting one’s personality and individuality. Thus, while buying smartphone brand name and image plays a vital role in these customers purchasing decision-making process. From the above mentioned statistics it is clear to understand that competition among smartphone manufacturing companies is to become fiercer in the near future of the UK telecom markets. This research emphasis on the effects of brand image on the consumer purchasing decision-making process. The two most popular smartphone brands Apple and Samsung have been stipulated to explore brand equity, brand identity and customer consumption values in order to compare different customer purchase behavior. In the second chapter of this research, methodology is being explained which presents the data collection and analyzing method on which thesis will be based on. Further, I have also tried to briefly present the valid argument on chosen data collection methods. The later part of this chapter contains the elucidation of data collection methods and anticipated process of investigation. The third chapter of the research presents the literature review. It explains the element of Brand equity (brand loyalty, brand awareness, perceived quality, brand
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