Effects Of Breast Cancer And Its Effects On The Body

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Effects of Breast Cancer In the United States alone there are 14 million people living with cancer as of January 1st, 2014, and more than three million of those people have breast cancer (American Cancer Society). Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and can have devastating effects on those with it. The cancer has large effects on the body, mental state, economics, and family of the patient.
The body is affected on a cellular level by cancer. Going more into detail, cancer is caused by an error in the replication process of a cell. The cell is changed to rapidly and relentlessly reproduce more replicas of its’ mutated self. These cancer cells, along with the power to multiply quickly, have the innate ability to ignore commands from the body about destruction. If there are ever too many cells in the body, messages are sent to perform apoptosis. Apoptosis is where the cell commits suicide, but cancer cells can become immune to this signal. Together the two combine to make an unstoppable cell growing factory.
Originally the body starts with one infected cancerous cell, but as the time goes on more and more mutated cells are made. When a mass of cells is formed with no purpose and begins to take up space a tumor is formed. The tumor causes failure of the normal functions in the afflicted region. Breast cancer is not life threatening, or even harmful, as long as it remains in the breast. The problem with breast cancer comes from when it spreads from the breast to a
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