Effects Of Bribery And Corruption In Kurdistan

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Bribery and Corruption in Kurdistan

Corruption and bribery are like cancer in most governments and businesses around the world. There is always someone that is not being faithful in his job. Kurdistan like every other country is facing this type of conflict. It is destroying the economy of the region. Kurdistan has been going through an economy crisis in the past few years, corruption and bribery are a big aspect of this crisis. It happens in every day's life everywhere around us. Bribery can be defined as offering something, usually money to gain advantage. On the other hand, corruption is to abuse a position or to use the power of your position to gain advantage. Whenever either one of these ways of gaining advantage is used, other
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The future of this region is in the hand of the students, so if the students are not properly educated, the future of this region will be between some ignorant people’s hands. This conflict is harmful on so many levels. In order to resolve a conflict one must find the roots of the conflict or what causes it. The reason why students can easily bribe teachers is because the salaries of teachers are not adequate to cover their needs and demands. If the government could pay the teachers higher salaries that can cover all of their needs, they will not take bribes from students. The low salary issue goes back to the bad economy in Kurdistan, and beside that they are not giving the salaries in time causing the rates of bribery to increase. They are also implementing taxes which are surely going to effect lower and middle class people. Not having an infrastructure that the region can depend on when it's going through a crisis is a huge cause of this phenomena. The educational system is corrupted as well, because during this crisis teacher are even more volatile that before to be forced by the higher class of the people with the power. The reason

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