Effects Of Burnout On Nursing : The Consequences Of Burnout

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Consequences of Burnout in Nursing
The consequences of burnout amid nurses are substantial for both caregivers and patients (Schaufeli 2007). A study done by Bogaert et al 2014 showed that higher levels of burnout were associated with unfavorable job outcomes, patient and family grievances, and family verbal abuse. It also showed that nurses who were burnout reported higher frequency of patient falls, nosocomial infections, and medication errors, p.1124.
It has been shown that patients cared for by staff that has reported high levels of burnout tend to report lower levels of satisfaction with the care received in tertiary hospital (Leiter & Harvie 1996). It has also been indicated by the human factors literature that in addition to the effects of burnout upon ICU staff well-being, it may also have significant implications for patient safety (Reader, 2007).
Other burnout research has focused on the linkage between burnout and important work outcomes. For example, some studies have established the connection between higher levels of nurse burnout and poorer quality of patient care (Leiter et al. 1998, Vahey et al. 2004, Laschinger & Leiter 2006). Burnout nurses tend to have their patients and their patients’ family with greater degree of complaints than patients who are cared for by nurses who are not suffering from burnout. They also complain of being verbally abused by these nurses
Links have also been made between levels of burnout and coronary heart disease (Schaufeli,…
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