Effects Of Caffeine On Students 's Daily Life Essay

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Just like how modern technology has been embedded into lives of students, caffeine has become a necessity in student’s daily life as well. The workload of a college student can be overwhelming and it drives students to rely on caffeine. When they rely on caffeine for their body to function, they overlook an important aspect of their health conditions which is the absence of sleep. Students can be at risk for consuming too much caffeine especially when now a days, students lose track of their daily intake. Although there are beneficial aspect of caffeine that offer students to be at their optimal performance in their daily task. College campus such as UW-Madison have multiples coffee shop. This encouraging environment creates habits for student to intake caffeine. It is beautifully designed to target students. All dining halls sells coffee, the badger market sells coffee, Starbucks, and multiple café around State Street are also representing their own coffee. Multiple shops also sells coffee beans for homemade coffee. The temptation of coffee can be irresistible. Many drink coffee because it increase their energy and concentration. Insufficient sleep is common among students and the extra jolt of energy they get from coffee helps them complete their daily task. Due to this, coffee is heavily relied on. Coffee is not the only source of caffeine that students relied on. Energy drink is also popular among the students as well. According to a survey study by Brenda M
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