Effects Of Cancer On Children Under The Age Of 15 ( Toro )

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Section One: Saige Weeks Cancer is the leading disease that causes death in children under the age of 15 (Toro, 2001). Every year, approximately 9,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. Almost 1,500 children die because of the disease (Toro, 2001). Despite the the death rate of 1,500 children per year, the number of children surviving cancer is increasing; the current survival rate is over 70 percent (Toro, 2001). Although the rates of survivors have increased due to the invasive and radical treatment, there are many medical, physical, psychological, cognitive and neuropsychological effects that coincide with the life saving treatment. This effects can have a lasting impact on children (Rae & Sullivan, 2005). Diagnosis and treatment of…show more content…
As shown above having cancer can have serious social, emotional, and behavioral consequences for the child. Rae and Sullivan (2005) found that the “developmental level of the child affects how the child conceptualizes his or her hospitalization or illness.” They went on to state that therapeutic play can be used to offset the effects of developmental levels. Play therapy for children with health-related issues can prepare children psychologically for hospitalization (Rae and Sullivan, 2005). Play therapy can be done through a set of “structured or unstructured activities designed according to psychosocial and cognitive development” (Webb, 2009). Play is immensely important to children and is important for children facing this extensive treatment (Webb, 2009).. Play allows children to level the ability to deal with stressful procedures and enhances their ability to cope with the procedures to come (Rae, & Sullivan, 2005). Play provides a sense of control for these children who feel like they have no control due to all the things that are happening to them (Webb, 2009).
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