Effects Of Cannabis On College Students

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Substance abuse is an ongoing issue among college students. In particular, the drug cannabis often associated with terms such as “weed”, “pot” or “marijuana” is considered one of the most illicit-used substances (Allen & Holder, 2014). Throughout the years, cannabis has been prevalent in its medicinal and recreational use. Different patterns of users vary among age, with the peak being in emerging adulthood (Hall & Degenhardt, 2014). The prevalence rate for young adults has risen three times compared to ten years ago (Dorard, Berthoz, Phan, Corcos, & Bungener, 2008). Young adults experience increased distress and social pressures, thus may be a reason recreational use is most common during this time (Hall & Degenhardt, 2014). Regular cannabis users have the risk of altering cognitive abilities and motivation, which in turn affect emotional reactivity (Hall & Degenhardt, 2014; Allen & Holder, 2014). In this current study, we will explore the effect cannabis has on college students to regulate positive emotions. Emotion is essential in order for individuals to respond to arousing stimuli. In part, managing the emotion is through a complex process called emotion regulation, which involves being aware of the relationship between emotion, cognition, and behavior (Shiota & Kalat, 2012). In addition, it involves modulating various factors such as the intensity, duration, and type of emotion, in order to assess one’s goals (Thompson, 1994). During development, one acquires the
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