Effects Of Capitalism On Production And Conservation Of Nature

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Effects of Capitalism on Production & Conservation of Nature

Sankalp Gupta

7th May 2015

ARCH 596: Seminar on the Built Environment II: Landscape and Society

Dr. Ross E Adams

The report will be primarily focused on the influence of capitalism on production and conservation of nature. From being individuals dependent upon nature humans have become forces which manipulate and effect nature. Besides this, the very fact that we use the term ‘resource’ for nature represents that humans have developed the habit of considering nature as a commodity. The idea of commodification of nature has been explored in this report through the texts of Karl Marx, Neil Smith and Noel Castree. This report also tries to investigate
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The relation between efforts to isolate and conserve nature and fear of uncertain future was also a topic worth exploring through the above mentioned projects. In discussing this relation the analogy between the current scenario and the effort from the 70’s onward to conserve fauna through zoos, due an impending fear of loss of species has been examined. Another crucial aspect of these projects was the displacement of land and tress from their natural habitat to the artificial biomes. Movement of large amount of fertile soil and trees from their native place to an alien place and calling it a conservational phenomenon seems paradoxical and requires further analysis. The idea of colonizing space as a future prospect has been explored particularly with reference to Biosphere 2 a comparison between the present responses to the crisis and relevant responses which have been proposed but not implemented has also been discussed in this report. To sum up this report analyzes the political and capitalistic motives behind the conservational projects which are resulting from climate crisis. Climate change has started affecting us by and large. The frequency of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods etc. is increasing day by day. We have arrived at a moment of grave danger as confirmed by many environmental scientists. Experts on climate crisis still say that we have the time to avert the worst impacts of climate change and set up a successful
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